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Our Journey Towards Empowering Your Career Success

We are dedicated to empowering individuals through personalized career services

Zihra empowers individuals to achieve career success by delivering personalized, impactful, and affordable professional services that set them on a path to greatness.

We strive in transforming your career ambitions into reality. With a passionate team of experts, we craft personalized CVs, provide top-notch interview coaching, and optimize LinkedIn profiles to ensure your professional journey shines brightly. Our commitment to excellence, affordability, and tailored services sets us apart. Join us in making your career aspirations a thriving reality.

Our History

Year 1 (Year of Inception – 2019): Zihra Consultants was founded in 2019 by a group of passionate career experts in Gaborone, Botswana.

Year 2 (2020): The second year marked significant growth for Zihra. They expanded their services to include interview coaching, recognizing the need for comprehensive career support.

Year 3 (2021): By 2021, Zihra had become a trusted name in career development in Gaborone. They diversified their services to include LinkedIn optimization, helping clients establish a strong online professional presence.

Year 4 (2022): In 2022, Zihra reached a major milestone by serving clients beyond the borders of Botswana.

Year 5 (2023): By 2023, Zihra had grown into a leading career consultancy firm, serving clients worldwide. They introduced an Express CV service, ensuring quick turnaround times for clients with urgent needs. Zihra’s commitment to excellence remained unwavering, making them a top choice for career enhancement.

“We understand that success in today’s job market often starts with beating the ATS, and we’re here to ensure your CV passes the test and takes you to the top.”
Ogomoditse Olefile

I am Ogomoditse K D Olefile Founder and CEO of Zihra. A CPD Certified ATS Resume Writer and LinkedIn Optimizer, Founder and CEO of Zihra Consultants, solid background in Accounting, Human Resource Management and Talent Acquisition and career branding

Zihra are a team of International ATS CV writers from all sectors and levels of industry, who have experience of what employers are looking for. We like to think we are unbeatable and we’re proud to say so. We don’t display CV examples on our sites or profiles because every CV we create is uniquely tailored to the customer and written from scratch by Zihra writers who understand what recruitment companies and HR departments are looking for. Zihra are proud members of the CPD Trained and Certified ATS CV writers worldwide.

Personalized, high-impact services that empower professionals to excel and stand out in their chosen paths.

At Zihra, our mission is to empower individuals with the tools and confidence they need to advance their careers and achieve professional success. We are committed to providing personalized, high-impact services that help our clients stand out in competitive job markets and navigate their career journeys with confidence.

Our vision is to be a trusted partner on every professional’s journey to success. We aim to set the industry standard for quality and affordability in CV writing, interview coaching, and LinkedIn optimization. We envision a future where individuals from diverse backgrounds and career stages can access tailored services that propel them toward their career goals.